The Ultimate Guide to Curing Salts

Curing salts. We’ve all heard of them, but do you know what they are or how to use them? Being able to cure your own meats is a skill that every meat enthusiast should have. Nothing beats the flavor of a home-cured ham, bacon, or corned beef. There is nothing more satisfying than slicing into … Read more

Can You Reuse Charcoal for Smoking?

If you are wondering whether you can reuse the charcoal used for your charcoal smoker, then the answer is “yes.” By reusing the charcoal, you will save money and reduce the waste and the negative impact on the environment. Read on to find out whether you can reuse charcoal, how to do it properly, and … Read more

How to Use a Honing Steel?

Honing steels, often referred to as sharpening steels, are actually neither sharpening nor honing tools. They are, in fact, utensils used for realigning and smoothening the curled edges of knives. Still, they are essential kitchen tools, especially among professional chefs, and ensure that the knives in the kitchen are sharp, straight-edges, and safe and efficient … Read more

How to Use a Weber Smoker Mountain

Here’s your first time with a Weber Smokey Mountain and you’re excited to get to barbequing! Like with every new purchase, it takes a bit of time and practice to get the hang of things. Nothing you can’t handle, but some guidance could help you get familiar much quicker. That’s what we’ll be doing today. … Read more

Complete guide to injecting meat for smoking

Injecting meat for smoking is not new, but it has become increasingly popular and easily accessible, not only within the realms of barbecue competitions but among backyard pitmasters and home cooks as well. A meat injection is an easy and efficient way to infuse the meat with added flavors and make it juicier and tenderer … Read more

Mustard Powder Substitute

Mustard powder is a condiment that is well known around the world. It’s an essential ingredient for dishes like hot dogs, tuna salad, and dressings. As any chef knows, it can result in different flavors if it’s combined with other ingredients. That’s why there are so many substitutes to choose from! In this blog post, … Read more

6 Best Korean BBQ Grills Reviewed

Korean BBQ or K-BBQ has become increasingly popular worldwide because of its unique taste, the fast cooking, and the fact that you can cook it right on the dining table and eat it directly from the grill. While American BBQ usually involves long, low, and slow cooking of large meat cuts outdoors, the Korean barbecue … Read more