Weber Spirit vs Genesis – What’s the Difference?

Are you wondering whether to invest in a Weber Spirit or a Weber Genesis gas grill?

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Both are high-quality Weber grill series, but there are some key differences between them.

Read on to find out more about the similarities, differences, and features of the gas grills from both gas grill lines.

Weber Spirit vs. Genesis – Overview

Manufacturing and design


All Weber grills are made in America but with components that are made in Taiwan in China. The only grill which is entirely USA-made is the Weber Smokefire. Still, Weber prides itself on making top-quality grills – the Spirit and the Genesis series are examples of this.

Both series include a variety of individual grills of all ranges and sizes, and now they have a new second (II) generation of grills available as well.

Compared to the Genesis grills, the Weber Spirit line of grills is designed and made as a barebone starter grill for occasional use as well as for newbies. Still, they are excellent grills. The Genesis grills are more advanced, with more “bells and whistles,” making them suitable for true enthusiasts and advanced grillers.

The Weber Spirit gas grills are available in sizes ranging from 2-burners and up, while the Genesis grills start from the smallest 3-burner models and reach the high-end 6-burner gas grill – the Genesis II SP-435.

For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on two of the most popular Spirit grills – the first-generation Weber Spirit E-310 and the Weber Spirit E-330. We will be comparing them with the Genesis II E-310 and with Genesis II E-330 gas grills.

Main similarities


The gas grills from the new second generation of the Weber Spirit and the Genesis series have a lot of similarities, including:

  • All grills are backed by Weber’s 10-year warranty
  • They feature the Weber G4S Grilling System, which includes Infinity Ignition, Flavorizer Bars, Advanced Grease Management, and Upgraded Burners
  • All of these grills are compatible with the Weber iGrill 3 technology, allowing for remote monitoring and control of the temperatures and the cooking
  • All of the individual grills from both series come in different color options, namely black and stainless steel. The more colorful options are available only for the smaller models
  • Both series have a second-generation line of grills introduced in 2018-2019

Main differences

While the Weber grills from the Spirit and Genesis lines share some of the best features offered by Weber, there are some key as well as some more subtle differences between the individual gas grills of both lines, including:

  • The Weber Spirit gas grills are considered “starter grills” and, as such, are less expensive than the more advanced grills from the genesis series
  • The Genesis grills have more “bells and whistles,” including extra burners, sear stations, enclosed carts, and other advanced features and attachments
  • The Genesis gas grills typically have more burners with a higher BTU output than the grills from the Spirit line

GS4 grilling system

As mentioned previously, all of the gas grills from the newer generation of both series feature Weber’s G34 Grilling System. This system consists of four main components, including:

  • Infinity Ignition – with heavy-duty coating for the wires, easy to replace batteries, a protected ignition module, and more reliable electrodes
  • Flavorizer Bars – triangular bars which are fitted under the cooking surface which deflect the grease and juices from the meat and thus prevent them from reaching the burners and causing flare-ups. At the same time, these bars help sizzle the grease and juices, creating smoke and sizzling and adding more flavors to the food
  • Upgraded Burner Tubes – Weber now uses better burner tubes than the previous models. The new burner tubes are reversible and tapered and disperse the heat evenly throughout the cooking surface, preventing cold or hot spots.
  • Advanced Grease Management – the gas grills have an easy-to-remove and clean grease pan which captures any grease and juice which manages to make it through the flavorizer bars

Make sure that you check whether the grill of your choice has this Grilling System because some of the older models do not feature it.

IGrill Technology

All of the individual gas grills from the new generation of the Spirit and the Genesis series are compatible with Weber’s iGrill 3. This is the company’s Bluetooth meat thermometer. It can be connected wirelessly to a smartphone, and thus you can monitor the internal temperature of up to 4 pieces of meat without opening the grill’s lid.

The mobile app will also alert you when the desired doneness temperatures are reached. Keep in mind, that you will need to buy the iGrill 3 thermometer separately if you want to use it. Check the model you choose for iGrill 3 compatibility, because the technology was included only several years ago, and older grills may not have it.

Introductory Models

Weber Genesis II E-310

Dimensions: 59 x 29 x 47 inches

Number of burners: 3

Total Cooking Area: up to 669 square inches

BTUs: 39,000


  • Small size but ample cooking space for 10 or more servings
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates are easy to clean and distribute the heat evenly
  • A porcelain enameled lid keeps the heat and smoke in
  • An integrated fuel gauge
  • Ample cooking area of up to 669 square inches with the tuck-away warming rack included
  • iGrill 3 compatible
  • Improved grease management system with flavorizer bars and a removable grease pan
  • Three stainless steel burners
  • Two side tables for food prep, condiments, and tools
  • Useful tool hooks on the side
  • Added access under the grill thanks to the open-cart design
  • The fuel tank is mounted on the side for easy access and more storage room
  • Locking caster wheels
  • 10-year Weber warranty


  • It is more expensive than other grills in this range and in size
  • Not enough cooking space as compared to other 3-burner gas grills
  • The side tables cannot be folded

Weber Spirit E-310

Dimensions: 32 x 52 x 63 inches

Number of burners: 3

Total Cooking Area: 529 square inches

BTUs: 32,000


  • Small grill with ample cooking space for up to 7 servings
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and flavorizer bars
  • A porcelain-enameled lid with a built-in thermometer
  • Stainless steel side shelves
  • Electronic crossover ignition system
  • A fuel gauge
  • Front grease tray for easy access to the greased pan
  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • 2 swivel casters
  • 6 tool hooks to keep your grilling tools close
  • 10-year warranty


  • The caster wheels are not lockable

You can check out the newer second generation of this model – the Weber Spirit II E-310 as well.

Mid-Range Models

Weber Spirit E-330

Dimensions: 32.28 x 25.59 x 24.17 inches

Number of burners: 3 main + 1 internal sear +1 side burners

Total Cooking Area: 529 square inches

BTUs: 32,000 (for the main burners), 7,500 (for the sear burner), and 12,000 (for the side burner)


  • It has 3 main burners and an internal sear burner as well as a separate side burner making it a very versatile cooking station
  • The internal sear burner is perfect for ensuring the meat has beautiful quick sear marks
  • The side burner can be used to simmer or sauté the sides and sauces while you are grilling the food, and has a flush cover and can be used as a side table
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates for excellent heat retention, even heating, and easy cleaning
  • A porcelain-enameled lid with a built-in thermometer
  • A fuel gauge
  • Ample storage space on both sides and under the grill
  • Lockable casters for easier portability and stability
  • 10-year warranty


  • It is more expensive than other gas grills in this range and with similar size, output, and features

You can check out the newer model from the second generation of this grill – the Weber Spirit II E-310 too.

Weber Genesis II E-330

Dimensions: 59 x 29 x 47 inches

Number of burners: 3 main, 1 sear, and 1 side

Total Cooking Area: 513 square inches + 156 square inches from the warming rack

BTUs: 39,000 (main burners) + 12,000 (internal sear station) + 12,000 (side burner)


  • Features the powerful GS4 Grilling System
  • It has 3 main stainless steel burners with an output of 39,000 BTUs per hour
  • There is a quick sear internal burner with an output of 12,000 BTUs
  • The side burner can be used for making the sauce and side dishes while grilling the main course
  • When not in use, the side burner can be covered and becomes a convenient side table
  • High quality and easy to clean cast iron porcelain-enameled cooking grates
  • The porcelain-enameled lid helps keep the heat inside
  • It is iGrill 3 compatible
  • There is a fuel gauge to know when it is time to change the propane tank
  • There is a tuck-away warming rack
  • The open car design allows for ample storage space
  • There are tool hooks on the left side table
  • The gas tank is conveniently mounted on the side of the grill
  • The casters can be locked to keep the grill stable when in use
  • It is backed by Weber’s 10-year warranty


  • It has a lower total BTU output than other gas grills in this price range

Premium Model

Weber Genesis II S-435


Number of burners: 4 main + 1 internal sear + 1 side burners

Total Cooking Area: 844 square inches

BTUs: 69,000


  • It has a beautiful high-end design
  • A potent output of up to 69,000 BTUs per hour
  • The main burners have an output of 48,000 BTUs
  • The side burner has an output of 12,000 BTUs, and the searing station produces up to 9,000 BTUs per hour
  • The sear station burner can reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit which means you can sear steakhouse quality steaks
  • It has four stainless steel main burners, an internal sear burner, and a side burner
  • The main cooking grate is 646 square inches which are sufficient for grilling 29 burgers at a time
  • The tuck-away warming rack adds to the cooking surface with its size of almost 200 square inches
  • The cooking surface can reach up to 844 square inches when the tuck-away warming rack is used
  • It features the Weber GS4 Grilling System
  • The grill is compatible with Weber’s Bluetooth thermometer and app – the iGrill 3
  • The entire grill and the cooking grates are made out of solid and durable stainless steel
  • The stainless steel lid has a thermometer mounted on it
  • There is a fuel gauge to monitor the amount of propane left in the tank
  • There is a spacious closed-cart cabinet under the grill and two side tables (when the side burner is covered)
  • There are tool hooks on the left side
  • Backed by a 100% 10-year warranty


  • Assembling and moving this grill can be hard due to its large size
  • It is an expensive gas grill

In conclusion

Weber is recognized around the world as one of the best grill makers, so whichever of its gas grill series and models you choose, you can be certain that you are buying an excellent grill. As evidence of the top quality of these grills, Weber backs all of them with its 10-year 100% warranty.

As a whole, we recommend the Weber Spirit series gas grills for those of you who are not too concerned with the added extras and “bells and whistles,” and the Genesis gas grills for the intermediate and advanced users who are willing to pay more for some of these excellent additional features.

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