3 2 1 Ribs: How to Make Fall Off the Bone Smoked Ribs

Most barbeque experts view the barbequing process as a form of art, which requires a lot of skill, experience, knowledge as well as intuition. Barbequing by numbers, such as using the popular 3-2-1 method for preparing the perfect ribs, is an easy way to achieve that unforgettable taste of mouth-watering ribs and eliminate all of … Read more

How to Grill Steak on a Charcoal Grill

Steak is the perfect cut for many meat lovers, primarily due to its meatiness. You can also say that it is very versatile as there are many ways to prepare it. Depending on the recipe you pick, you should know how to cook steak perfectly. Grilling is among the to-go methods of preparing steak. When … Read more

Hamburger Temperature and Grilling Guide

Hamburgers are prepared using different ingredients. The most common of all is ground meat. There are set rules and standards that must be followed when making burgers. Hygiene, temperature, and other food safety guidelines are highly considered during this process. Some people are not aware of the correct burger-making temperature. Others don’t know how to … Read more

How to make Smoked Beef Jerky

Don’t you love yourself some good old jerky! The consistency, flavor, scent, all in just one piece of meat is to die for. The good thing with jerky, not only can you enjoy a bite but also feed some of it to your pets at home. So how about we show you how to make … Read more

Smoked Pork Butt

Pork butt can be dressed and rubbed in different seasonings. This is done before placing it on the smoker’s grate. Buying quality pork is the first step to achieving a mouthwatering delicacy. Other factors such as heat configuration should be considered during this process. Smoking pork butt is a simple process when all the correct … Read more