Best Cheap Smokers: Our Top Choices

Smoking food is the to-go cooking method for most culinary art lovers. When you expose food to smoke, you improve its taste and preserve it. A look at the history of smoking, you realize it is a cooking method that has been around for ages. For a long time, smoking was a simple process, where … Read more

Oklahoma Joe Offset Smoker Review

Oklahoma Joe smokers bear their origin from three men who built custom-made smokers in their home garage. Their smokers turned out to be so good that it caught the eye of the top-notch manufacturers, char-broil smokers. They then picked up their idea and began supplying these smokers under their brand, but maintaining the original name, … Read more

The Best Kamado Grill for 2021

Kamado grills are a stunning invention dating back to 3,000 years and are still great grills today. They are oval-shaped grills originally made from Japan and currently used worldwide to make amazing roasters, grilled steaks and oven pizzas. Most of them are made of ceramic material which gives them excellent insulation properties. They’re also versatile, … Read more

Sous Vide Beef Ribs

To be honest, apart from slow BBQ, not many methods can render a seamless fall-off- the bone kind of result. That’s why we cling to this classic, age-old cook for tender meat. It gets the job done! Now, what if there was just as good a technique (maybe better) that you could alternate with. And … Read more

Pork Shoulder vs Pork Butt: Which One Is Best?

It’s not entirely your fault if you stepped into the store and walked out with the wrong pork cut. Pork roasts are several but it gets even more confusing when the names don’t resonate with the location from which they’ve been cut. Quick example, when you hear of “butt” naturally, your mind thinks of the … Read more