Weber Genesis EP-330 Gas Grill Review

This product was discontinued back in 2016. Genesis II and Genesis II LX replace it. Genesis grills are one of the most successful gas grills from Weber. All the Genesis grills have 3 burners lined up from left to right, and a gas control knob for each burner, placed on the front panel. Back in … Read more

How to Clean a Grill Brush

A grill brush consists of steel bristles that are up to the task of cleaning your grill. Like other cleaning tools, a grill brush might become soiled with time.  It would be great to ensure the grill is in good condition by getting rid of the accumulating gunk and grease. Below we discuss how to … Read more

The Brisket Stall Explained and How to Beat It

Low and slow smoking brisket can be pretty intimidating for beginners as well as for pro pitmasters. One of the main frustrations for those who are smoking a brisket and other large cuts of meat is the so-called “brisket stall.” The brisket stall is the moment during your low and slow cooking when the meat … Read more

Smoker Water Pans – When and How to Use Them

Most people think there is no relation between smoke and water during cooking, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. A water pan is usually the ideal solution to slow and low barbeque sessions at home. Adding water to the smoker is effective, but a water pan will enable you to regulate its temperature. … Read more

How to Make Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven

Young to old, pizza is one of the top favorite dishes we love. It’s cheesy, delicious, and melts right in your mouth. Given the hype around this dish, we thought to share some tips on how to make a creamy home-based pizza that will have your loved ones asking for more! But not just any … Read more

How to Grind Your Own Meat

There’s nothing wrong with walking into the supermarket to purchase some ground meat, you most likely have done it a couple of times. But while this is convenient, grounding up the meat on your own has a ton of benefits. Sure, it seems like a waste of precious time and energy, but the extra effort … Read more