Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe

Cold smoked salmon is salmon that has been dry-cured in salt, and then cold smoked at a temperature lower than 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit, which results in a beautiful fish with a velvety smooth and firm texture. This is what makes it different from hot smoked salmon which is brined and hot smoked, and is much … Read more

How to Prepare Smoked Shrimp

You may not be familiar with smoked shrimp, but the fact is that by smoking these delicious sea creatures, you will end up with a wonderful smoke-infused appetizer or shrimp for different dishes like jambalayas, pasta, salads, and other recipes which use shrimp. The best news is that smoked shrimp is easy to make and … Read more

A Fishing Guide’s Smoked Trout Recipe

According to fishing enthusiasts, pitmasters, and foodies alike, there are many ways to prepare delicious fresh trout, and smoking it is among the best. The smoked trout retains its moistness and tenderness and gains an added smoky flavor. Here is a complete guide for preparing smoked trout. Choosing the fish Of course, the satisfaction of … Read more

Smoked Tilapia [Recipe & Guide]

Tilapia fish is a beautiful delicacy, especially when prepared properly. One of the best ways to prepare it is by making smoked tilapia. When it is cooked low and slow with suitable smoke wood, and at the right temperature, smoked tilapia is one of the most ways to consume this flavorsome fish. Tilapia is a … Read more

Cajun Smoked Catfish Recipe

Catfish is a delicate type of meat that requires special handling. Wood chips used during smoking should be light in terms of smoky flavors and with a sweet aroma. Apple, cherry, or maple fit this description. There are many recipes that you can follow to come up with a savory dish. Fish should be smoked … Read more