How to Clean a Grill Brush

A grill brush consists of steel bristles that are up to the task of cleaning your grill. Like other cleaning tools, a grill brush might become soiled with time.  It would be great to ensure the grill is in good condition by getting rid of the accumulating gunk and grease. Below we discuss how to … Read more

Smoker Water Pans – When and How to Use Them

Most people think there is no relation between smoke and water during cooking, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. A water pan is usually the ideal solution to slow and low barbeque sessions at home. Adding water to the smoker is effective, but a water pan will enable you to regulate its temperature. … Read more

10 Best Sharpening Stones of 2021

Best Sharpening Stone Are you looking for the highest-quality sharpening stone to restore the sharpness and the perfect edge of your favorite knives? Here is a list of the top natural and man-made sharpening water stones, oil stones, and others that money can buy in 2021. Read on to find the perfect one to suit … Read more

The Best Smoker and Grill Thermometers for Mastering Temperature Control

Having a reliable, quick, and accurate grill thermometer is among the most essential grilling accessories you will ever need. With a good grill thermometer, you can ensure that your grill, smoker, or BBQ has reached the desired temperature and is maintaining throughout the cooking process. With a thermometer, you can ensure that your meat is … Read more

The Best Pizza Peel in 2021

Do you wish that you can make an authentic pizza at home to impress your friends and make your family happy on pizza night? Well, to get that well-charred and crisp crust on the sides and bottom of your pizza, it is necessary to cook it directly on a blazing hot surface such as a … Read more

The Best BBQ Temperature Controllers in 2021

Many pitmasters have embraced the concept of “set it and forget it,” smoking which means setting the smoker to the desired temperature and smoke level and letting it do its work with minimal need of “babysitting.” This is especially useful during overnight low and slow smoking. But to be able to go to bed without … Read more