How to Make Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven

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Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven Review

Pizza is a popular delicacy that requires special preparation and attention during its grilling. Nothing beats an oven that is specifically designed to create this type of meal, as it is equipped with all the necessary equipment to ease the task. Ooni Koda 16 is one such piece of equipment. Compared to a gas grill, … Read more

How To Smoke Cheese [Cold Smoking Guide]

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Smoked Queso Recipe

Queso is a type of Mexican delicacy that is a major crowd-pleaser. It can be prepared in many different ways but what most people don’t know is that it can also be smoked. The smoky flavors give the dish a different taste and texture. There are a series of ingredients one can incorporate to make … Read more