How to Calibrate a Food Thermometer

A thermometer used for cooking needs to be calibrated, not only in order to achieve the expected delicious results but, more importantly, to ensure that you are preparing and serving food that is safe to eat. Depending on the type of thermometer you use to check the meat’s internal temperature or monitor your tempered chocolate’s … Read more

How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven

A good pizza requires you to use the right components and preparation method. However, no matter how much love you put into making a pizza, it all comes to naught if you don’t cook it properly. And that’s where the pizza oven comes in. A pizza oven is specially designed to hold and distribute heat … Read more

Best Manual Meat Grinders in 2021

Depending on your dish, it can be hectic and expensive to buy ground meat every time you want some. The easy way around this is to buy whole meats and home-grind them at the comfort of your home. Besides,  you’ll be in control of the entire process where you get to decide on the additional … Read more

Best High-End Grills in 2021 – [Buying Guide]

Are you willing to splurge out for a shiny high-end grill? Well, if you are ready to spend at least $2,000 or much more for a top-of-the-line grill, we have selected the top-rated grills for you. Not only are they shiny and good-looking, but these luxury grills are built with the highest quality materials. They … Read more

How To Make a Smoked Fatty

A smoked fatty not only looks great on Instagram but is a delicious meal that any smoking enthusiast – new or advanced should try. Here is the recipe for making a Philly cheesesteak smoked fatty. What is a BBQ smoked fatty? A smoked BBQ fatty is a log-shaped piece of ground pork or beef, which … Read more

The Best Meat Injectors Of 2021 (Tested & Reviewed)

Marinating meat is an important stage of its preparation before it hits the cooker. It adds flavor to the meat and makes it tender. There are several marinating techniques, the most common being soaking the meat in the marinade. There is another excellent way of enhancing meat’s taste – injection of marinade. To many, it … Read more

Dry Agе Bags: Do They Really Work?

Meat storage is challenging when you have no refrigerator or freezer. This should not limit you from enjoying some properly stored steak that is rich in flavors as well as dry-aged. You can use dry-age storage bags to attain a prolonged lifespan for your cuts. Not only are they effective, but also easy to acquire … Read more