The Best Pellet Tube Smokers of 2021

Smoking is an excellent method of preparing food like meat. It gives the food a distinct woody and earthy relish. Typically, to smoke your food, you need a smoker. However, if you do not have this appliance, there is no need to worry. You can opt for a smoking tube. What is a Smoking Tube? … Read more

The Best Yakitori Grills – Ultimate Guide

Yakitori is a traditional Japanese cuisine that’s gaining so much popularity across the United States. It’s literally translated as “grilled chicken” and is a combination of two Japanese words “yaki” which means grill and “tori” meaning chicken. It’s basically chicken parts stacked in a skewer and grilled in the Japanese-style Yakitori grill. What is a … Read more

7 Types of Smokers & How to Choose One

Smokers are one of the best cooking appliances used for producing amazing and tasty barbecue recipes. Owning a good and efficient one is a dream come true for any chef who enjoys culinary arts. There are several brands and types of smokers in the market, each with features tailored to serve the user’s needs. They … Read more

The Best Meats to Smoke at Home

BBQ and smoking have become increasingly popular, which has led to the increased interest in different meat types and cuts. Smoking usually works best for lower-priced cuts, which are easily accessible and are excellent affordable alternatives to the more expensive cuts. If you are wondering which the best meats to smoke are, read on for … Read more

7 Best Vertical Smokers Reviewed in Detail [2021]

Vertical smokers have multiple benefits as compared to the traditional horizontal ones. Firstly, they have significantly smaller footprints, which makes them suitable for people with limited outdoor space. Second of all, due to the laws of physics, the smoke and heat move upward, which means that the meat or other food in the vertical smoker … Read more

Best Cheap Smokers: Our Top Choices

Smoking food is the to-go cooking method for most culinary art lovers. When you expose food to smoke, you improve its taste and preserve it. A look at the history of smoking, you realize it is a cooking method that has been around for ages. For a long time, smoking was a simple process, where … Read more

Best Woodchips for Smoking

Smoking is a way of cooking that you should try if you want a diverse taste. Earthy, woody, or smoky is the range of savor that you get from the food, especially when dealing with meat dishes. Should you decide to smoke your food, you need a smoker and the right choice of smoking wood. … Read more

How Long Does Smoked Meat Last?

Smoked meat takes a lot of time and patience to prepare, so often, we make more meat and food than we can consume. The questions are – how long does smoked meat last, and how to store the leftovers without wasting food? First, there is good news. Some types of smoked meat are easier to … Read more