The Ultimate Guide to Meat Smoking

The subtle art of smoking meat is something that people worldwide have been doing for thousands of years. So many cultures have been found with hints of smokehouses and cooking pits full of smoked meats. Smoking meat is an expertise that takes patience and practice. It’s not something you can just do in your backyard … Read more

What is the best wood for smoking meat?

Smoke is an essential part of barbecuing, but you may be asking yourself – do different types of wood really add different smoky flavors and profiles to the food? Some dedicated pitmasters place their entire focus on the wood they use for their smoking, but is it really worth worrying about finding the perfect match … Read more

Best Honing Steel for Your Knives

To get excellent service from your knives, you need to maintain them regularly. One of the maintenance practices to perform is honing. Contrary to popular belief, honing is not the same as sharpening. Its primary purpose is to have the edges at a straight angle. In other words, it does away with bends that may … Read more

Best Organic Meat Delivery Companies

Today, people have less time to carry out most tasks, especially those centered on shopping. That is where delivery services step in. There are many delivery services offering options for everything from designer clothing to food and wine. Delivery services are also an excellent way for you to get organic meat. There are multiple delivery … Read more

Grilling Safety Tips Everyone Needs to Know

While you probably love spending time around the grill when the summer comes, you should be warned that there are some pretty scary statistics regarding fires and accidents due to the use of grills. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, every year, there is an average of 8,900 home fires related to … Read more

Cook a Perfect Steak with the Reverse Sear Method

The reverse searing technique has been gaining momentum. Even though it overturns all of the traditional cooking directions that can be found in older cookbooks, it is now a preferred way by many, especially when it comes to cooking thick steak. The reverse searing method involves low and slow cooking of the steak over indirect … Read more

Why Red Meat Is Red

You are probably pretty sure that you know the answer to the question of why meat is red? But if you think that it is because of the blood, then you are wrong. The red-colored juice which is excreted from the meat when it is cut or sliced is not residual blood. Read on to … Read more

Best Sausage Stuffers in 2021 – [Buying Guide]

Sausages are the go-to snacks for many people. Smoked, deep-fried, or barbecued, it always looks great on your palate. At times, you may want a personal touch on your sausages. Here is where the sausage stuffer comes. This equipment comes in many forms. Each performs the same function of filling sausage casing with ground meat. … Read more