6 Best Korean BBQ Grills Reviewed

Korean BBQ or K-BBQ has become increasingly popular worldwide because of its unique taste, the fast cooking, and the fact that you can cook it right on the dining table and eat it directly from the grill. While American BBQ usually involves long, low, and slow cooking of large meat cuts outdoors, the Korean barbecue … Read more

The Brisket Stall Explained and How to Beat It

Low and slow smoking brisket can be pretty intimidating for beginners as well as for pro pitmasters. One of the main frustrations for those who are smoking a brisket and other large cuts of meat is the so-called “brisket stall.” The brisket stall is the moment during your low and slow cooking when the meat … Read more

How to Grind Your Own Meat

There’s nothing wrong with walking into the supermarket to purchase some ground meat, you most likely have done it a couple of times. But while this is convenient, grounding up the meat on your own has a ton of benefits. Sure, it seems like a waste of precious time and energy, but the extra effort … Read more

The 4 Best Cast Aluminum Chimineas of 2021

Chimineas are space-saving free-standing outdoor fireplaces and ovens that are believed to have originated in Spain and have been used for centuries. Today, chimineas are becoming increasingly popular because of their portability, ease of use, versatility, and aesthetical qualities. They are mostly made of clay or metal. We prefer the durability and portability of the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Meat Smoking

The subtle art of smoking meat is something that people worldwide have been doing for thousands of years. So many cultures have been found with hints of smokehouses and cooking pits full of smoked meats. Smoking meat is an expertise that takes patience and practice. It’s not something you can just do in your backyard … Read more

What is the best wood for smoking meat?

Smoke is an essential part of barbecuing, but you may be asking yourself – do different types of wood really add different smoky flavors and profiles to the food? Some dedicated pitmasters place their entire focus on the wood they use for their smoking, but is it really worth worrying about finding the perfect match … Read more

Best Honing Steel for Your Knives

To get excellent service from your knives, you need to maintain them regularly. One of the maintenance practices to perform is honing. Contrary to popular belief, honing is not the same as sharpening. Its primary purpose is to have the edges at a straight angle. In other words, it does away with bends that may … Read more

Best Organic Meat Delivery Companies

Today, people have less time to carry out most tasks, especially those centered on shopping. That is where delivery services step in. There are many delivery services offering options for everything from designer clothing to food and wine. Delivery services are also an excellent way for you to get organic meat. There are multiple delivery … Read more

How to Choose and Grind the Best Meat for Burgers

Burgers rank top among snacks and tie many cookouts together. The good thing with a burger is that you can let your culinary creativity come to play. You can add several condiments to the patty or have other recipes like eggs and veggies. A look at this snack, you realize the patty is hugely responsible … Read more