The Best Smoker Grill Combos for 2023

Are you a barbecue fanatic who loves smoking and grilling but haven’t found the perfect solution for doing both tasks simultaneously? Well, manufacturers have come up with a smoker grill combo that combines both mechanisms to solve this problem and satisfy all your barbecue needs.

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A dedicated smoker or grill can indeed perfectly serve the purpose it was designed for. For example, an exclusive smoker may have extensive features that a smoker grill combo doesn’t, and vice versa. However, getting a smoker grill combo will first save you all added costs that buying two different cookers will incur.  It will also make it easy to switch between grilling and smoking if you want to do both tasks.

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This buying guide aims to clearly outline the leading smoker grill combos available in the market. With detailed specifications, in-built features, advantages, and disadvantages, this guide will help you select a smoker grill combo that will suit all your cooking needs.

Top Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combo

Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

The classic pit barrel cooker is an incredibly reliable grill and smoking combo that comes in handy when you need both mechanisms to prepare your meals. It can smoke up barbecues or allow grilling in case of unexpected gatherings or last-minute parties.

Its entire package comes with excellent facilities needed for a perfect barbecue experience. These include eight hanging hooks, two sturdy rods, a quality grill grate, and a basket for placing extra charcoal. Setting up the combo is not a big hassle. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to have your cooker up and running.

Its storage capacity is extraordinarily large and can accommodate several rib slabs or two full chickens and will still have room for more steak. This grill and smoking combo are best for you if you regularly prepare barbecues for large gatherings and events.

The classic pit barrel cooker also falls within the category of cookers with a “set it and forget it” mechanism. Meaning you light it up, set it at an appropriate temperature then leave your food to cook in the grill or smoker.

It has a bottom vent that makes it easy to adjust the temperature at a micro-scale. This combo can also maintain a constant amount of heat for a considerable period of time. You can buy a Maverick XR-50 probe thermometer to complement the precision of the temperature you’ll set for the cooker.

The smoker grill combo is lightweight, weighing only 57 pounds. You can, therefore, carry it or transport it easily to any location you’d like.

If you’ve been wavering between buying an exclusive grill or smoker and buying a smoker grill combo, this product will not disappoint you.

Leading Propane Grill Smoker Combo

Char-Broil: The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker, Roasted and Grill

This smoker-grill combo is one of the most affordable, low-maintenance smoker-and-grill combos available in the market. It allows you to smoke, roast and grill your barbecue all at a go. It also operates on a simple mechanism easy for beginners to grasp. This type of smoker and grill combo doesn’t need charcoal or oil for use and thus making it easy to clean up its interior parts after use.

The 25-pound smoker and grill combo utilize up to 18,000 BTUs of evenly distributed heat that uniformly grills or smokes flavored barbecues. This makes it a fast cooker and may require you to constantly monitor its temperature so your food doesn’t get charred. You can use the ThermoPro TP20 external thermometer to help you monitor the cooker’s temperature.

It has a cooking area of 180 square inches that includes unique hanging racks which may come in handy during big cookout events.

This grill and smoker combo is great for you if you’re a beginner in preparing barbecues. It’s quite easy to use,  performs impressively, and is affordable.

Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box

This is a typical charcoal grill accompanied by a 250-square-inch side firebox that can be used for smoking. Its structure is made up of durable sturdy steel material and a double-layered bottom to keep the grill from rusting and lengthen its lifetime. The cooking grate is made of non-stick cast iron. A cooking material perfect for enhancing flavor in smoked meats and even heat distribution within the combo.

It has a good storage capacity consisting of two shelves and an underbody rack. This provides a convenient location for placing sauces, grilling, smoking accessories, and bags of charcoal to be added in the combo.  The main grill is also big enough to fit a full chicken and generous amounts of back ribs at one go.

The main cooking area is as big as 580 square inches and the firebox is 250 square inches. It weighs 146 lbs and measures 62 x 29 x 50 inches. It’s a sizable charcoal grill and barbecue smoker best for serving large gatherings.

It also has amazing additional features such as a removable charcoal basket that eases the process of adding charcoal in the grill and collecting ashes for removal. This smoker and grill combo also comes with installed back wheels that make its transportation very easy.

Generally, the Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro is the perfect grill and smoker combo for preparing barbecues that can serve many people. Operating it may require you to take time and master its mechanisms, but once you grasp it, you’ll enjoy your BBQ experience.

Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

This reliable offset smoker is an entry-level, low-profile smoker best for novice barbecue chefs. It’s also one of the cheapest smoker grill combos available. It may not have top-notch features like advanced models but is worth having.

The grill grate is coated with a non-stick porcelain material that effectively prevents the meat from sticking onto the grilling surface and minimizes carbon build-up. However, its exterior surface is coated with a thin layer of steel material that may require extra protection by an aluminum cover to increase its durability and keep it from rusting.

Assembling the package is quite simple. You should be done putting all components together in about 45 minutes. Be sure to season it with some vegetable oil and allow the fire to light for a considerable time duration for effective sealing and prevention of impending damages.

On the upside, this smoker grill combo features a built-in temperature gauge attached to its chamber for reading and monitoring the temperature. It has an added ash chamber that is easily accessible and a small side table for extra storage. With an adjustable chimney vent at its top, its temperatures can be regulated with ease. Even so, constant monitoring of the temperatures at a close range may still be necessary.

The Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker may not be a great option for enthusiastic chefs who enjoy a variety of sophisticated features from larger smoker grill combos but is budget-friendly and easy-to-use the product. It’s a good combo to start out with if you’re a beginner, but consider upgrading to higher models as you progress in BBQ smoking and grilling.

Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Gas Smoker Combo

This charcoal gas smoker combo is a highly durable cooker with a strong steel structure and is laced with long-lasting materials that can resist rust and other damages that crop up due to humid climates. You can complement this protection by adding the Oklahoma Longhorn Outdoor Grill Combo Cover.

It is fueled by both charcoal and propane making it a flexible gas grill combo. It also comes with a smoker box to supplement smoking barbecues.

Assembling the combo may not be difficult, but owing to its tremendous size, you may need to patiently work at setting it up for optimum results. You may need the assistance of close friends or neighbors to help you with this. It has wheels attached to its back but they are not as efficient since with time it may begin wobbling.

This smoker grill combo comes with four burners, three at the main chamber and one that serves as a charcoal starter. They each emit 12,000 BTUs of heat. This amount of heat is enough to power up the gas grill in a few minutes so you can start your barbecue cook-offs.

It has a total of 1,060 square inches of cooking surface with 750 square inches as the primary cooking surface within the main chamber. This significant size means more space for grill grates. And yes, it can accommodate up to six sets of grill grates and can be adjusted to fit your desired size of meat and vegetables or any other food for grilling and smoking. The firebox chamber has 310 square inches of cooking surface.

It also has three temperature gauges, two side-by-side heat-resistant handles, and multiple air dampers to increase the efficiency of the combo while using it.

The charcoal chamber may get messy after using it and so cleaning may be tedious. However, you can employ a disposable aluminum roasting pan at the chamber’s lower surface to hold the coals and ashes as you grill or smoke BBQ. This will make the cleaning process much easier.

The Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal Gas Smoker Combo is a robust cooker able to endure harsh weather conditions. It is designed to withstand strong winds, hail storms, humid climates, and other extreme environmental conditions.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

The REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill is a no-match smoker grill combo. It’s top of the list when it comes to high-end cookers with superb features that make all cadres of chefs enjoy their barbecue experience.

It comes with an advanced digital PID temperature control system, a precise auger for releasing pellets, and a heavy-duty porcelain enamel steel external finish. It also falls in the category of “set it and forget it” smoker.

It is a perfect fit for chefs who love to have time to relax as the barbecue cooks on the grill without worrying about charring. It has an automated fan that helps maintain the temperature of the combo and an enormous 40-pound hopper for smoking for several days.

This hopper also comes with added dividers that allow for mixing various flavors as you proceed with smoking or grilling. The unit is fully sealed to lock in all flavored smoke within the cooking chamber so all your food may absorb them.

This REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill can shift its cooking mode from grilling, smoking, searing, and baking when you press the appropriate buttons within the digital control panel. Its temperatures can adjust over a wide range, for example, it can maintain a low and slow heat of 180 degrees and can sear up meats up to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s a robust cooking device able to withstand cold seasons in the winter and of course controlled temperatures during the summer. The digital temperature control system tackles all these effectively. It also has an expanded storage capacity, fully equipped with bottom shelves where you can place beef pellets and other accessories as you cook.

It’s a very reliable smoker grill combo with an installed ceramic igniter that can last for years. Assembling the entire equipment is also a simple process.

With this combo, you can prepare a variety of foods, from baked pizza, beef briskets, pork butts, and rib slabs of steak, all drenched in tasty sauces and flavors. The best part, after enjoying all your meals, cleaning up the combo is fast and easy and will make you eager for another barbecue cook-off.

Traeger Grills Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Being the original manufacturer of wood-pellet grills, Traeger Grills are notably one of the first-rate manufacturers in the smoking and grilling industry. One of their exceptional products is the Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Combo. It comes with an automated smoker with a distinct wood-pellet filling system that’s designed to ensure the user’s safety while cooking.

This combo doesn’t need charcoal or propane gas for refilling, just tiny wooden pellets that also complement the flavoring of meat and veggies as you grill or smoke them. It measures 54 x 22 x 49 inches and weighs 125 lbs. It is versatile, giving it the capability to sear fast at incredibly high temperatures and cook slowly at a low and steady heat. It can grill, smoke, braise, roast, and bake any food you put in the grill and smoker combo.

It has an in-built digital controller that retains a set temperature with a deviation of 20 degrees. This is made possible by the adjustable speed of the fan and auger to suit the required fuel-to-air ratio. It is, however, important to consider getting an insulation blanket for your wood pellets during the winter season. This will help maintain the required cooking temperature and consistent flavors in the combo.

Its ignition system is automatic and powered by electricity. It rarely fails and is durable. Its grill grates in the grill chamber are made out of non-stick porcelain material perfect for uniform heat distribution. It is also easy to clean up since the surface is non-stick.

The combo features strong steady lockable wheels that can make it easy to move the combo as you please and lock it in position while using it. It also comes with a large-capacity wood pellet hopper that can hold up to 18 pounds of pellets for your grill or smoker. The built-in auger transfers smaller pellets into the main grill chamber without doing it manually.

It’s a pricey grill and smoker combo but is worth the investment. Check out its price on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

These are just but a few of the top-quality picks for smoker grill combos. You can do more research about different varieties of smoker grill combos based on their mode of heat. That which you choose will largely depend on your budget, needs, skill, and personal preference.

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