The Best Propane Smokers for 2023 [Buying Guide]

Smoking is an excellent food preparation method. It gives your meals a distinct smoky essence and preserves them. It involves exposing the food to smoke from various wood chippings. There are several types of smokers that you can get to smoke your beef, fish, or veggies.

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Here, we set our sights on the propane smoker. Whereas, the traditional smoker uses charcoal to generate smoke this smoker relies on propane gas from a burner. It is a good concept for smoking, as it allows heat regulation, depending on the smoking intensity.

As a cooking enthusiast, you need to have your mind on the best appliances. It is an assurance of a great experience when preparing food. For this reason, we bring you a review touching on the top-quality propane smokers in the market today.

Best Overall Pick

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker

Starting the list of the finest propane smokers is the Cuisinart COS-244 vertical propane smoker. It is one of the best that you can find in the market with diverse features. Its features will ensure you have a fulfilling moment when smoking your meals.

Cuisinart is one of the most recognizable names in kitchen appliances. They have created a smoker that will last for years to come with its solid build quality and clear assembly instructions.

The hardware is all packaged separately and clearly labeled for you when you open the box, so it’s quick and easy to get up and running.

Here are some of the features of this smoker.

The Vertical Shape

The vertical shape is one of this Cuisinart smoker model’s key selling points. Coupled with a compact orientation, it is economical on space during storage. Its top makes a good spot for putting items like utensils and spices. In short, it is like a small and sturdy table.

Still, on its shape, you can describe it as futuristic-looking. When cooking your food in your backyard or garden, it will look more like an ornament.


Durability is a critical factor to look at when getting a propane smoker. The COS-244 model does not disappoint when it comes to this aspect. It has a sturdy build, which is a guarantee of lengthy service without it breaking down. In the long run, you will save on repairs and replacement costs.


At first sight, you may underestimate this Cuisinart propane smoker’s handling capacity. While it has a compact build, the spacious interior will surprise you. It has four removable stainless steel racks, which you can pull out to create more space.

The smoker can accommodate a large bird like a turkey without you straining to fit it in. The roominess of this smoker translates to easy cleaning and general maintenance.

Temperature and Smoke Control

When smoking your meat cuts or vegetables, look out for optimum temperature and smoke.

It depends on the food you are cooking, but these two variables need to be of decent measure.

When you go for the COS-244, you have maximum temperature and smoke control. You can adjust their levels to the correct amount using the two doors or vents. The result is adequately smoked food with a great taste.


Another thing to love about the Cuisinart COS-244 propane smoker is its user-friendliness. It is beginner-friendly, and the user manual can help novice users learn its operation.

You will also notice its convenience in areas like the seal-tight door. Using its twist lock, it seals tight, locking in the heat and smoke. The removable racks are dishwasher-friendly; hence, cleaning is straightforward. The same applies to the porcelain-enameled water and wood chip trays.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a 40-inch hose pipe and regulator.
  • Four removable stainless steel racks.
  • Porcelain-enameled water pan and wood chip tray.
  • Item weight: 69.5 pounds.
  • Item dimensions: 20*20*46-inches.
  • A built-in thermometer on the front door.
  • A tightly sealed twist-lock door.


  • The beginner is friendly.
  • Compact in shape and size, translating to space economy.
  • A durable build.
  • Maximum temperature and heat control.
  • Dishwasher-friendly parts.
  • A long propane hose.
  • A spacious interior.


  • Fat drips may fall to the exposed smoke tray and cause heating issues.

Most Convenient Choice

Masterbuilt 230S Propane Smoker

The Masterbuilt 230S propane smoker is the utter definition of convenience. A convenient smoker assures you of the best results when you smoke your food. Below are the features of this propane smoker that show you how convenient it is.


As you know, a durable appliance will serve you for a long time without signs of wear and tear. The Masterbuilt 230S propane smoker is very durable. You will notice this feature from its robust structure.

It has a coating on its exterior which makes it sturdier, shielding it from rust.

Getting to the interior, you encounter chrome-coated racks. The chrome coat makes them resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, it makes cleaning a direct engagement.

Easy to Use

The propane smoker is easy to use, having clearly set controls. Even if you are new to the Masterbuilt 230S, you will quickly learn how to use it. In case of any issue, you can refer to the instruction manual for proper understanding.

There is a push ignition button, which you press when you want to use the smoker.

Roomy Interior

This smoker’s inside is very roomy. It is something that you might not expect as it appears relatively small on the outside. It has four racks, which allow you to smoke a variety of foods at a go.

If you want to smoke a large food portion, let’s say a turkey, you can remove the racks to create ample space.


When smoking, you have to be keen on variables like temperature. The thermometer shows you if smoking is complete or if there is enough smoke circulation.

Uniquely-Designed Flame Bowl

In a propane smoker, the flame is crucial as it provides the heat required to generate smoke. The Masterbuilt smoker has a unique design, featuring a porcelain-coated disk flame bowl. The flame bowl allows the flames to reach the wood chips. Additionally, it protects them from dripping grease.

It assures you of effective combustion to produce the required amount of smoke to prepare your food.

Economical on Space

Another thing to love about this propane smoker is its compact design. It is relatively small, despite having a spacious interior. The small dimensions make it’s handling an effortless process. Cleaning and overall maintenance are also easy.

When it comes to space, the smoker is quite economical.

Highlighted Features

  • Smoker dimensions: 18*17*36-inches.
  • Smoker weight: 56.04 pounds.
  • Four removable chrome-coated racks.
  • A built-in thermometer.
  • A porcelain-coated disk flame bowl.
  • BTU- 15400.


  • The smoker is easy to use and maintain.
  • Occupies minimal space on storage.
  • It has a roomy interior.
  • The smoker is durable and will serve you for a long time.
  • An in-built temperature gauge lets you know the internal temperatures.
  • Its parts are dishwasher-friendly.
  • Maximum temperature control.


  • It is pretty heavy, and moving it may be challenging.

Great For Outdoor Applications

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal And Propane Smoker

If you love cooking outdoors, Oklahoma Joe’s charcoal and propane smoker is ideal. Whenever you have a barbecue in your backyard or a cookout, this smoker will have your back.

Here are some of Oklahoma Joe’s smoker’s features.


As a good cook, the versatility feature will always work to your advantage. It lets you switch your cooking styles. This smoker is very adaptable, an aspect you will notice in various instances.

First of all, you can either use charcoal or propane gas for cooking or smoking your food. There are two chambers on the grill, one for charcoal and the other for propane gas. You can pick either of the two fuels, as per your preference.

Another instance where you will notice this smoker’s versatility is in its cooking functions. It is a three in one cooker with a grill, smoker, and burner. It is an all-around appliance that you can use to prepare various foods in your backyard.

You can grill some meat; let some smoke while you cook a fast snack on the gas burner.

Smoke and Heat Control

For perfectly smoked food, you should be keen on smoke and heat levels. The good thing with this Oklahoma Joe’s smoker is that you have control over smoke and heat. You can seal or unseal multiple dampers and vents to let out smoke and excess heat.

With control over the heat and smoke, you have the assurance of excellent results.


One of the features that make this smoker an excellent outdoor cooker is its durability. It has a sturdy construction which boosts its life. It features a coating that helps keep away rust agents.


Oklahoma Joe’s smoker is quite convenient and easy to use, even for new users. The controls are graspable, and within a short time, you will be a pro in operating this smoker.

The handles are some of the features that show you how user-friendly it is. They look fantastic and sport insulation that will prevent accidental burns. You can check on the internal temperature courtesy of the lid-mounted temperature gauges.

The smoker is very spacious, with ample room to contain large food portions. The smoker also has space beneath it where you can store utensils or your ingredients.

Highlighted Features

  • Material: steel.
  • Dimensions of the smoker: 31.5*74*50.6-inches.
  • Product weight: 205 pounds.
  • Power source: charcoal and propane.
  • BTU: 12000.
  • Porcelain-coated grill racks.
  • Three cooking compartments: for grilling, smoking, and a side burner.


  • You can grill, smoke, or cook on this appliance.
  • Hassle-free maintenance and use.
  • The smoker is very durable.
  • Maximum control over heat and temperature.
  • It uses two power sources; propane or charcoal.
  • Insulated handles to prevent accidents.
  • It has space where you can store your utensils.


  • The Oklahoma Joe’s charcoal and propane smoker is bulky and heavy.

Most Versatile Propane Smoker

Z Grills 450-A Wood Pellet And Propane Smoker

Z Grills 450-A wood pellet and propane smoker is an 8-in-1 cooker. You can use it for various cooking functions.

Check out some of the features of this wood pellet and propane smoker.


The appealing aspect of this smoker is its flexibility. You notice its flexibility through the many cooking functions it can handle. Using it, you can perform eight cooking tasks. These include smoking, grilling, baking, braising, and barbecuing.

With this cooker, you can test out various cooking styles. This is something many cooking enthusiasts look for. Still, on the versatility of this smoker, you have two power sources you can use. You can go for wood pellets or propane.

Adequate Cooking Space

Many people experience a hurdle when they want to smoke a large meal serving due to a small smoker. The shortcut, in this situation, is to cook in portions. With the Z Grills propane smoker, this is not a problem to expect.

It has a spacious interior that can accommodate a full-sized turkey or something similar. The spacious interior also makes cleaning an effortless engagement.

Advanced Wood Fire Technology

The Z Grills 450-A uses Advanced Wood Fire Technology to get the best flavor from the wood pellets. It is also economical on the wood pellets, where a 10-pound package can serve you up to ten hours.

This technology is excellent when smoking meat dishes. Here you can use different wood flavors to get the perfect mash-up of taste and aroma.


The other advantage of the Z Grills propane smoker model is its convenience. This aspect is evident from its simplicity in design, use, and maintenance. Additionally, it is novice-friendly. An oil collector can collect any spills from the food, mostly grease. It contributes to making cleaning stress-free.

The wireless meat probe thermometer is another element that upholds its convenience. It comes in handy when preparing meat dishes, allowing you to check on its temperature.

Highlighted Features

  • 8-in-1 cooking functionality.
  • BTU: 25000.
  • Power source: propane, wood, or wood pellets.
  • The Advanced Wood Fire Technology for proper smoke infusion from the wood pellets.
  • Electronic auto-start ignition.
  • Cooking temperature: 160-450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A wireless meat probe cooking thermometer.


  • Stress-free cooking and maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The smoker can handle eight different cooking functions.
  • Economical on wood pellets.
  • A high cooking temperature range.
  • Consistent and precise cooking.
  • It has a specially-designed used oil collector, making cleaning easy.
  • At a BTU of 25000, the burner is very powerful.


  • The Z Grills 450-A propane smoker is bulky.

The Prime Portable Smoker

Char-Broil Big Easy Propane Smoker

Char-Broil Big Easy propane smoker is an outstanding propane smoker. Its selling point is its portability, which comes about due to its lightweight. This propane smoker has plenty of attributes that we are going to look at.


As earlier mentioned, one of the things that make this Char-Broil propane smoker stick out is its portability. Many smokers, especially the traditional ones, are quite bulky. The bulkiness makes them hard to move.

The issue becomes complicated if they lack wheels. It means you need help when carrying it. For the Char-Broil Big Easy propane smoker, you bid goodbye to bulkiness. It weighs roughly around 23-pounds, meaning you can easily carry it.

Coupled with its compact build, it makes an excellent outdoor or camping smoker. Its two handles on the sides come to your convenience when carrying it.

Sufficient Cooking Space

While it appears small on the exterior, it is pretty large on the inside. It has a cooking basket, where you put your food and lower it into the cooking chamber for smoking. The basket can hold up to 21 pounds of food, which is quite impressive.

Cooking Functions

The Char-Broil smoker is very adaptable, evident in its diverse cooking functions. Besides smoking, you can use it for roasting and grilling. If you want to roast your food, the cooker can support up to 25 pounds. It has 180 square inches of grilling space, adequate for small-scale barbecuing.

The Tru-Infrared Technology

The smoker features the Tru-Infrared technology, which comes in handy when preparing your meals. It ensures you have well-cooked food, that is both crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. When grilling, you are sure that your meat won’t fall off or stick to the grilling surface.

Durable Construction

The Char-Broil Big Easy Smoker is durable due to its robust build. It assures you of lengthy service, where you will encounter minimal repairs and replacement costs.

Easy to Use

You cannot overlook how easy it is to use this smoker. With the help of its user manual, you can quickly grasp how to utilize it and have perfectly smoked meat or veggies.

Its parts are also easy to clean and maintain after use. When not using this smoker, you can store it without any worry about space. It has a compact build, translating to a space economy.

Highlighted Features

  • Product weight: 22.68 pounds.
  • Item dimensions: 23.1*23.4*36.2-inches.
  • 3-in-1 cooker. It can smoke, grill and roast.
  • The Tru-Infrared technology.
  • Power source: propane.
  • BTU: maximum 18000.


  • It is durable, courtesy of its sturdy build.
  • The smoker has sturdy legs for stability.
  • Char-Broil’s smoker supports three cooking functions.
  • Easy maintenance and use.
  • It is portable due to its lightness.
  • Economical on space.
  • Precision in smoking, grilling, or roasting due to the Tru-Infrared technology.
  • A powerful burner.


  • When smoking, the heat can be too much.

Budget Smoker

Masterbuilt 20B Portable Propane Smoker

When you are looking for an ideal propane smoker, you should consider your budget. For the best value on a low budget, the Masterbuilt 20B portable propane smoker is a great choice. Let us have a broader look at this smoker’s different aspects.


The Masterbuilt 20B propane smoker is light, weighing around 22 pounds. It is a manageable weight, which will let you move it easily when need be. On either side, the smoker has a handle with insulation material. The handles are for carrying the smoker.

The smoker has collapsible legs that give ample space for carrying it. It is an excellent pick for camping and outdoor cooking.


This Masterbuilt propane smoker is a stainless-steel build. It translates to resiliency, thus serving you for a long time without breaking down. The material is also easy to clean, and if dirty, a quick swipe will bring it back to good shape.


While it has a compact design, it is not small on the inside. It has two chrome-plated racks that you can remove to create more space. You can smoke two different meals on the shelves or put chunks of the food you want smoked.

Though its interior might be little compared to the standard smoker, it is excellent for medium food servings.

Simplicity and Convenience

The smoker is very simple and convenient, a hint that you get when you see its design. The simplicity is evident in the easy-to-understand controls and its overall operation. Among the resources that show its simplicity is the in-built thermometer. Additionally, the control knobs are easy to operate.

The racks are dishwasher-friendly, meaning cleaning won’t be a stressful engagement. The door seals tight when you lock it. This ensures that no smoke will escape from the chamber, which can affect your food’s doneness.

The Burner

This Masterbuilt smoker model is worth 5000 British Thermal Units (BTU). The value is relatively low but suitable for a smoker of its build. It is excellent for beginners and small-scale engagements, like preparing a few chunks of beef or pork.

Smoke and Temperature Control

With this smoker, you can seamlessly control temperature and the amount of smoke produced. The regulator helps you adjust the temperature to your desired level which in turn controls the smoke. You can be certain that your food will have adequate exposure to flavors from the smoke.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight of the smoker: 22.21 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 15.91*23.62*23.15-inches.
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • 5000 BTU burner.
  • Two removable chrome-plated racks.
  • An in-built thermometer.
  • Source of power: propane.


  • The smoker is portable due to its lightness.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Space economy.
  • A spacious interior.
  • A durable build.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • The thermometer will show you the temperature readings.


  • The folding legs can be wobbly and compromise the smoker’s stability.

Propane Smoker with a Viewing Window

 PIT BOSS Vertical Gas Smoker

A viewing window is an underrated smoker component. With a viewing window, you can check the progress of your food without opening the door. You can also tell if you have too much smoke in the chamber.

The PIT BOSS vertical gas smoker is a first-rate propane smoker with a viewing window. Let’s have an in-depth look at this smoker to know what it is capable of.

Compact Design

The PIT BOSS smoker model has a compact design, which will comfortably fit in any space you desire. With its impressive looks, it will be eye candy for your area. Back to its compact design, the smoker will not take up much space in storage.

Even though it appears small, it has a spacious interior that can take large food portions. There are three porcelain-coated racks that you can remove to create additional space.

Ease of Use

There is hardly a thing to complain about when using the PIT BOSS vertical gas smoker. Its use and maintenance are stress-free. The control knobs are graspable, and cleaning is easy. The racks are dishwasher friendly, and a few swipes can clean the exterior.

The window is a hugely appealing factor for this smoker, as previously hinted. Through the window, you can tell the cooking progress of your food. The door seals well when locked and won’t allow smoke to escape.

Temperature Range

The smoker has a temperature range of between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a good range suitable for smoking without having burnt-out food or a thick crust. It also allows you to put various foods in the chamber, such as meat and veggies.


Stainless steel is the primary material used in the construction of this cooker. Considering how hard the material is, you are sure of having a sturdy smoker. The sturdiness translates to longevity, a critical factor to look at when looking for an ideal propane smoker.

Highlighted Features

  • Smoker weight: 52 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 21.5*23*47-inches.
  • Primary material: stainless steel.
  • Temperature range: 100-350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Three burners with a 5000 BTU rating.
  • Three removable porcelain-coated racks.
  • A frontal door window.


  • The frontal window allows you to check on the smoking progress.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Dishwasher-compatible parts.
  • Durable build.
  • Does not take up much space in storage.
  • An optimum temperature range.
  • It is easy to use and maintain


  • The control knob may be hard to turn.



A propane smoker is a friendly appliance that you can have for your kitchen or a cookout. It does a good job in smoking your food, especially if you have the best in the market.

This review shows you some of the best and their main selling points. Portability, versatility, convenience, and affordability are essential aspects to look at when you want to purchase one.

This list of the leading propane smokers helps in narrowing down your picks. It gives you a clear path to choose the one you prefer the most. There are hybrid smokers that, besides propane, will also use charcoal or wood pellets for power.

Go for a suitable one and pave the way for nicely smoked dishes!

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