What Is Picanha Steak And How Do You Cook It?

Prized beef cuts vary from place to place. For example, among the prized cuts in the US include the tenderloin, rib, and brisket. The best cut depends on the food preparation method. Here, the tenderloin is very versatile. Heading south to Brazil, there is an underrated cut, Picanha steak. It is the top sirloin cap, … Read more

What Is Chuck Eye Steak?

Chuck eye steak is the part of meat cut out from the shoulder of a cow. It’s commonly referred to as the “poor man’s rib-eye”. It’s one of the most flavored types of steak when cooked under low steady heat. It also includes a tender part of muscle known as the longissimus Dorsi which forms … Read more

Top Round Steak: What You Need to Know

The top round steak is a sub-primal beef cut, obtained from the rear leg of the cow. It is a preferred cut due to its versatility in preparation, whereby you can grill, pan-fry, or roast it. The top round steak is also ideal for ground meat, which you may use for patties. Grilled top round … Read more

How to Cook The Perfect Bavette Steak

Bavette is a type of steak sliced from a cow’s abdominal muscles. It’s cut from a cow’s sirloin’s primal right at the bottom. Bavette steak is often confused with flank because they are extracted from closely adjacent sections in a cow’s abdomen. Bavette is cut from the bottom region of the sirloin which borders the … Read more

Leftover Barbecue Pulled Pork Tacos

After everyone has had their fill from Boston butt pulled pork chops, there are likely to be leftovers. Throwing away the crunchy well smoked or barbecued meat is not an option. Also, tossing them in the refrigerator or freezer for a long can cause them to lose their original taste. The most effective way to … Read more

Different Types of Bacon Explained

Bacon is probably one of the most consumed meats in America. Per year, an average American takes in about 18 pounds of bacon. It’s a salt-cured type of pork belly with high-fat content and can be made from other meats such as beef and duck. There are many variations of bacon consumed all over the … Read more

What Is Brisket? Where to Buy and How to Cook It?

Beef brisket is a relatively tough type of meat extracted from a cow’s chest. It’s one of the best kinds of meat and people’s favorite when cooked right. It comprises two muscles that carry the weight of the cow. Being a tough piece of meat, it requires lots of patience while preparing and cooking it. … Read more