How to Make Smoked Pulled Chicken

Chicken, unlike beef or pork, is an easy recipe to make. When smoked, it can be eaten alongside a variety of other dishes and meals like salads or buns. Due to its non-fatty meat, using brine on the chicken makes it moisturized to prevent it from getting too dry during smoking. How to Prepare Chicken … Read more

The Ultimate Smoked Turkey Necks Recipe

Turkey’s necks are sometimes underrated as far as meals are concerned. Most people don’t know how to handle them after getting them as part of their whole-turkey purchases. They end up throwing them away. Some well-informed cooks, however, have mastered the art of preparing turkey necks in ways that leave guests or family members asking … Read more

Pork Cutting Diagram

Pork cuts are subdivided into several sections. The larger sections which include the pork loin, belly, pork shoulders, and ham are mostly sold wholesale. Smaller sections are cuts made from the four major sections and are sold at retail grocery shops and butcheries. These include the pork butt, the picnic shoulder, the collar, spare ribs, … Read more

Tips For Grilling & Smoking Brats

Brats are loved for their amazing flavor. In case this is your first time hearing of them, you could closely relate the same to good old-fashioned hot dogs. They make a great snack during summer, and could even serve as a main or side dish depending on how many you prepare. The best part is … Read more

New York Strip vs Ribeye Steak: What’s the Difference?

When you’re deciding between varieties of cuts you should understand the inherent properties so you can make an informed choice. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing today. Demystifying the controversy between two often confused steaks; New York Strip and the Ribeye. If you thought steak is steak, think again. The two have unique differences when … Read more