Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven Review

Pizza is a popular delicacy that requires special preparation and attention during its grilling. Nothing beats an oven that is specifically designed to create this type of meal, as it is equipped with all the necessary equipment to ease the task. Ooni Koda 16 is one such piece of equipment. Compared to a gas grill, … Read more

Best Honing Steel for Your Knives

To get excellent service from your knives, you need to maintain them regularly. One of the maintenance practices to perform is honing. Contrary to popular belief, honing is not the same as sharpening. Its primary purpose is to have the edges at a straight angle. In other words, it does away with bends that may … Read more

Porterhouse vs T-Bone: Which is Better?

It’s impossible to talk of premium beefsteaks without mentioning the Porterhouse or T-bone. These two cuts taste so delicious and are a delight to share with family and friends. But do you really know the difference? If you’ve mistaken one for the other, you’re not the first. Even the best of us make this rookie … Read more

Most Expensive Steak

As steak lovers, there are many things that we may find ourselves doing just to have a chunk of a sizzling hot, delicious, smoked, or grilled piece of steak, melting in our mouths. Maybe you drove several extra miles to get to a store where they sell your favorite steak cut, or gate crushed a … Read more

Best Organic Meat Delivery Companies

Today, people have less time to carry out most tasks, especially those centered on shopping. That is where delivery services step in. There are many delivery services offering options for everything from designer clothing to food and wine. Delivery services are also an excellent way for you to get organic meat. There are multiple delivery … Read more

How to Prepare Texas Twinkies

Many people from all around the world have grown to love Texas Twinkies. They are made from leftover briskets that are usually disposed of when a BBQ party is over. For those of us who are addicted to smoked briskets, Texas Twinkies is such a delicacy. In case you have never had them before, you … Read more