Complete Guide to Grilling Frozen Burgers

It is always better to grill freshly made or fully thawed burgers, but in some circumstances, when unexpected guests arrive or you need to make a quick meal, you may end up with frozen burgers that need to be grilled. Grilling frozen burgers is possible and safe when done in compliance with the safety guidance … Read more

How to Thicken BBQ Sauce (7 Easy Ways)

Are you wondering whether there is a way to salvage a BBQ sauce that turned out too thin and watery? Here are the best methods for thickening barbecue sauce and turning it into a delicious and properly textured rich condiment to season your meat, burgers, or other grilled or cooked food. Here are some ideas … Read more

Smoked Tilapia [Recipe & Guide]

Tilapia fish is a beautiful delicacy, especially when prepared properly. One of the best ways to prepare it is by making smoked tilapia. When it is cooked low and slow with suitable smoke wood, and at the right temperature, smoked tilapia is one of the most ways to consume this flavorsome fish. Tilapia is a … Read more

Smoked Spatchcock Chicken Recipe

Spatchcocking or butterflying chicken is a technique for cutting and preparing a whole chicken for smoking or grilling by laying the entire bird on the rack or grill and applying the chosen rub evenly on the meat. The spatchcocking of the chicken involves removing the backbone of the bird, allowing for laying the chicken out … Read more

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Lamb is not as popular a choice among pitmasters when it comes to smoking, or at least it is not as commonly cooked as ribs or brisket. But the fact is that smoked lamb shoulder is a delicious meal and is easy to prepare even by newbies in the art of smoking. The lamb shoulder … Read more