6 Best Korean BBQ Grills Reviewed

Korean BBQ or K-BBQ has become increasingly popular worldwide because of its unique taste, the fast cooking, and the fact that you can cook it right on the dining table and eat it directly from the grill. While American BBQ usually involves long, low, and slow cooking of large meat cuts outdoors, the Korean barbecue … Read more

The Brisket Stall Explained and How to Beat It

Low and slow smoking brisket can be pretty intimidating for beginners as well as for pro pitmasters. One of the main frustrations for those who are smoking a brisket and other large cuts of meat is the so-called “brisket stall.” The brisket stall is the moment during your low and slow cooking when the meat … Read more

Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill Review

Traeger is the Company that first introduced and patented the concept of a pellet stove and grill and was the sole manufacturer of these appliances from the 1980s to 2006. So, it is no surprise that it is still a leader in the industry and offers one of the broadest assortments of these cooking appliances. … Read more

The 4 Best Cast Aluminum Chimineas of 2021

Chimineas are space-saving free-standing outdoor fireplaces and ovens that are believed to have originated in Spain and have been used for centuries. Today, chimineas are becoming increasingly popular because of their portability, ease of use, versatility, and aesthetical qualities. They are mostly made of clay or metal. We prefer the durability and portability of the … Read more

How to Get a Good Bark on Brisket?

The bark on the brisket plays a crucial part in the entire extraordinary barbecue experience, which has become a favorite pastime and hobby for millions of people in the USA and worldwide. When you take out the brisket from the smoker and present it to your guests with its perfectly dark and appetizing bark. Chances … Read more

How to Control Temperature on a Charcoal Grill

Many inexperienced charcoal grill owners get so frustrated with the lack of the ability to set up and control the temperatures of their grills that they are ready to give away barbecuing altogether. The fact is that the ability to control the charcoal grill temperatures properly is crucial for the grilling and smoking end results. … Read more