Weber Genesis EP-330 Gas Grill Review

This product was discontinued back in 2016. Genesis II and Genesis II LX replace it. Genesis grills are one of the most successful gas grills from Weber. All the Genesis grills have 3 burners lined up from left to right, and a gas control knob for each burner, placed on the front panel. Back in … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Meat Smoking

The subtle art of smoking meat is something that people worldwide have been doing for thousands of years. So many cultures have been found with hints of smokehouses and cooking pits full of smoked meats. Smoking meat is an expertise that takes patience and practice. It’s not something you can just do in your backyard … Read more

How to Smoke a Brisket in an Electric Smoker

Beef cuts are named according to the parts they are cut from. Brisket, cut from the breast area,  is listed among the best cuts. Slow and low-temperature smoking is among the many ways recommended for preparing it for your table. Long hours may be spent to fully smoke the meat as it is tougher, compared … Read more

Where to Buy Pork Belly?

Are you looking for pork belly to make your own homemade bacon, or maybe some pork belly burnt ends? Here are some of the places where you can find fresh and high-quality pork belly near you or even order some online. If you prefer to buy good quality craft bacon from a trusted source and … Read more

How to Season Cast Iron Grill Grates?

Cast iron grill grates are one of the most durable grill materials in the market today. But while this cooker is bound to upgrade the quality of your grills, how well you care for it is crucial. It boils down to proper maintenance otherwise a durable grill such as this might as well get beat … Read more

The Best Pellet Smokers for 2021 – Buyers Guide

Pellet smokers and grills have become increasingly popular among people who like the flavor of charcoal smoked food but are looking for an easier to use smoker which can be set and left untended. Good quality pellet smokers are easy to set up and offer thermostatic control, which will ensure that the temperature you have … Read more